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Snippets of our home

Home snippets- Cocotte French Lifestyle

Although I now live in the Southern hemisphere and we're right in Spring mode, I find myself getting ready for Autumn ...

I can't really explain why but to me, October is Autumn and I have been in full nesting mode, getting ready for a white Christmas that will never come! haha! That sounds very dramatic doesn't it? Also, is it too early to mention Christmas?


snippets of our home- Cocotte French Lifestyle Blog

Anyway, I have been enjoying pottering around the house, changing the decor a bit and creating little pockets of all the things that I like.

Also been lighting way too many candles! It's become part of my little ritual: coming back home and lighting a candle while brewing a nice cup of tea. Aaah, just the though of it makes me smile!

What are some of your rituals? Do you have little corners of your house where you gather all your favourite things?

Home snippets- Cocotte French Lifestyle Blog

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